Reaper Bones Black FAQ

What are Bones Black miniature figures?

Reaper Bones Black is our new line of unpainted plastic miniatures debuting in 2019.

What kind of material are Reaper Bones Black Models made from?

Bones Black figures are made using a dark grey polymer plastic material. It is lightweight and slightly flexible and very durable.

What is the detail like?

Bones Black figures are extremely detailed miniatures designed for painters and gamers. Designed for painters and gamers, by painters and gamers.

Are Reaper Bones Black models black in color?

No, they’re not black, but they’re dark grey, which allows you to see the detail much better.

What kind of primer should I use on Reaper Bones Black miniatures?

We recommend not using any primer at all. You can paint a Reaper Bones Black model straight out of the package. We advise rinsing your models with some warm soap and water, and once they’re dry you can begin painting.

I really prefer to prime my models first. What should I use?

If you really want to prime, we recommend using Reaper Master Series Paints Brush-On Primer in White (09108), Black (09214), or Grey (09299).

What kinds of paint work on Reaper Bones Black miniatures?

Reaper Master Series Core Colors and Reaper Master Series Bones Paints engineered to work perfectly with Reaper Bones Black models. Start with a first coat of undiluted Reaper Master Series Paint, then paint as normal from there. This is the best choice for durability and a good painting surface. Other acrylic paints that work with miniatures should have similar results. Paint can be applied with a brush or airbrush.

Are Reaper Bones Black models tabbed or do they come with integral bases?

Most Reaper Bones Black miniatures are produced with integral (built-in) bases. Just take them out of the package and they’re ready for painting or playing.

How do I remove the mold lines from a Bones Black figure?

Reaper Bones Black models are made using high-grade steel molds, so figures have minimal mold lines. To remove any visible mold lines, just lightly scrape the line with a hobby knife. Hobby files also work great for removing mold lines.

What kind of glue should I use on Reaper Bones Black?

Cyanoacrylate (eg "Superglue") works best to glue Reaper Bones Black together or to other materials. Reaper Bones Black is easy to cut apart for conversions or weapon swaps.

What kind of model putty can I use with Bones Black?

All major brands of putty tested work with Reaper Bones Black (Green Stuff, Milliput, etc.).

How durable is the Reaper Bones Black Material?

Reaper Bones Black figures are remarkably durable. The light weight of the material means drops and falls hit with much less mass behind them. The “give” of the material means it’s much better able to absorb impact, where a brittle material like resin would likely break.

How durable is a painted Reaper Bones Black figure?

Reaper Bones Black miniature figures painted with Master Series Core Colors and Master Series Bones paints are very durable. You probably don’t want to grind one underfoot or drive over it with your car, but you’ll be amazed at what they can handle. Figures are unlikely to experience notable damage to the paint from regular handling, bumping against each other on the table, or getting knocked over, even when playing with the most ham-handed of players.

Are the photographs of Reaper Bones Black figures in the online store and catalog the same figures as the ones for sale?

The photographs we use on our webstore ( and our print catalog are of production models – the same figures that Reaper packages up to sell.

Are these in blind packaging?

No, Reaper Bones Black models are packaged like almost all Reaper miniatures in clear-faced blisters or boxes so you can see exactly what you’re buying.

What scale are Reaper Bones Black models?

Reaper Bones Black miniatures are scaled to fit in with all Reaper Miniatures and other popular gaming figures from other manufacturers.

Are these available for purchase from my distributor or retailer?

Yes! Reaper Bones Black models are available for purchase by distributors or retailers and are always in-production, on hand, and ready for shipping.