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ReaperCon Class Tickets Now On Sale

July 31st, 2021

Bones Classic Models - Back in Stock!

June 28th, 2021
Some of our most popular Bones Classic models have been restocked! Here's a list of what we've got turned back on, with more on the way!

77016 Rats

77024 Goblins Sprues

77046 Bat Swarm

77065 Norgol, Irongrave Knight

77080 Wall of Fire

77103 Nor'okk, Ettin

77104 Blacktongue, Gnoll Archer

77105 Kagunk,Ogre Chieftain

77136 Well of Chaos

77147 Mummy Lich

77151 Darkrasp, Evil Priest

77157 Griffon

77158 Arrius, Skeletal Warrior

77160 Judas Bloodspire, Vampire

77162 Female Cloud Giant

77176 Familiars 6pcs

77186 Tiik Warrior

77212 Tiik Baron

77224 Rogan

77228 Chthon

77319 Dungeon Décor Table and Bench

77331 Derro Mage

77369 Shadow

77394 Filth Beast

ReaperCon Swag Boxes Now Available for Pre-Order!

June 1st, 2021
Get the most anticipated gaming products of the year: our ReaperCon Swag Collection!

You can choose from the SwagBox, Brinewind Box, HobbyBox, or the best deal, the Mega Bundle!

These items are pre-order items and will ship in August 2021. But don't wait, these items won't be around for long!

VEX Airbrush Compressors

May 22nd, 2021
VEX Airbrush Compressors by Badger are now available!

We're offering the compressor by itself, or as part of a fantastic bundle deal with our VEX Airbrushes.

Supplies are *extremely* limited, so we will be purging shopping carts for orders that have not been completed.

Sorry, the VEX compressor and Mega-Bundle are only available from our US warehouse at this time.

Get yours now!

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