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Reaper Virtual Expo Swag Boxes - Get Yours Now!

February 10th, 2021
Our Reaper Virtual Expo Swag Boxes are now available!

Choose from the Expo Box, the Punk Box, the Hobby Box, or the incredible Mega-Bundle!

Each box is filled with tons of fun products designed to get you in the mood for Reaper Virtual Expo, coming March 5th!

Get your swag box NOW!

Introducing the Reaper Keeper

February 10th, 2021
We're very happy to introduce the new Reaper Keeper Carrying Case!

The Reaper Keeper is a soft padded case that measures approximately 12" wide, 11" tall, and 8" deep. The Reaper Keeper unzips to allow you full access to the interior which is large enough to hold two Reaper Hard Carrying Cases. 

For extra storage, the top unzips to hold brushes, bits, or whatever extra hobby supplies you need to carry! 

A velcro strip is on the face of the Reaper Keeper, the perfect place to add velcro Reaper Virtual Expo patches!

To top it off, the Reaper Keeper comes with a detachable carrying strap for hands-free transport, and a sturdy nylon handle is securely sewn onto the side.

Get yours NOW!

New Releases for January 2021!

January 21st, 2021
New Releases are now available!

Bones Classic Plastic Miniatures

77669 Jahenna by Bobby Jackson $2.99

77671 Dire Crab by Jason Wiebe $3.99

77672 Dire Boar by Jason Wiebe $3.99

77673 Knights of the Realm (3) by Tim Hill $8.99

77674 Lowland Owlbear by Julie Guthrie $3.99

77675 Merowyn Lightstar by Tim Hill $2.99

77676 Knight Heroes (2) by Tim Hill $5.99

77677 Aravir, Elf Ranger by Bobby Jackson $2.99

77678 Armored Goblin Leaders (2) by Ben Siens $4.99

77679 Armored Goblin Warriors (4) by Ben Siens $5.99

77680 Minitaurs (4) by Bobby Jackson $5.99

77681 Blink Berenwicket, Gnome by Bobby Jackson $2.99

Warlord Metal Fantasy Miniatures

14654 Garrick, Templar Warrior by Bobby Jackson $5.99

14655 Dannon, Templar Warrior by Bobby Jackson $5.99

14656 Kolbar, Dwarf Warrior by Werner Klocke $5.99

14657 Narin, Dwarf Halberdier by Werner Klocke $5.99

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