18th Quarterly Contest. 77704 Cave Troll.

18th Quarterly Contest. 77704 Cave Troll.

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Voting Open: Oct 19th 2021 through Oct 25th 2021

Entry Open: Jul 25th 2021 though Oct 18th 2021

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Contest Rules...

Rules below!

The 18th Quarterly contest!

Model to paint for this event: 77704 Cave Troll, by Bobby Jackson! you can get your model here >>>> Cave Troll!

Cave Troll


Upload your photo for this contest and it will go into an approval queue, if your photo is not approved you will be contacted via email with the reason your photo was declined.


1st - $100 in Reapermini credit

2nd - $50 in Reapermini credit

3rd - $25 in Reapermini credit

4th - $25 in Reapermini credit

Honorable mention - $20 in Reapermini credit

Important info

• You can enter as many models as you want into this contest.

• Minor converting is allowed. Please limit the amount of converting you do to your model. We are trying to paint the same model in this contest. For instance, weapon swaps or head swaps are allowed.

• Either the Metal versions or the Bones versions of the models are allowed if applicable.

• Base the model any way you choose. Please understand that an elaborate base may be mostly cropped from your image. You can make a really cool base if that’s what you enjoy, however, the contest is about painting your model, not your basing skills. Minor accents will be left but large diorama bases will probably end up cropped.

• This must be a single picture and cannot be a composite of several images. If you really need more than one angle consider using a mirror.

social media sharing:

• With the anonymous spirit of the contest please refrain from watermarks or any other identifying marks that may give away your name or company or painting group you belong to.

• Suggestion: Make the focus of your photo the miniature itself. Cool bases are cool bases but are not your painted entry. A good closeup is better than a distant shot to show off your base. It's also best to include the entire model, so not too close. This is only a suggestion and you can do whatever you want, but remember, it may end up being cropped.

• Be sure to include your full name with your submission.

• The gallery will go live on the date of voting!


• The voting is based on total thumbs up on the model during the voting window.

• Please do not post your photos (or work in progress shots) in other socials until after this event ends. The event ends when the winners are announced.

• The Pictures with the most likes win.

• If you have any questions, please write to me at [email protected] I may or may not see your questions if they are posted in the group or event only.

• Reaper reserves the right to disqualify any entry for any reason.