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Making Money

By Andrew Pieper aka TaleSpinner

Many times I have read where people asked about how to make realistic coins for basing minis. Many people I have seen use Woodland Scenics Fruit, but to me the spherical nature of this medium does not look much like real coins. Recently, I wanted a treasure pile around one of my beasties and so I started playing with some green stuff and came up with the base you see on the Cloak Fiend there.

Tools Required

  • Green stuff or similar epoxy sculpting putty
  • Water
  • Hobby knife with a very sharp blade

Creating the Coins

Thoroughly mix/blend a small amount of green stuff according to the directions.
On a clean and very smooth surface, place a few drops of water.
Begin rolling the putty back and forth with your fingers to make a long and even rope. To get it even, I work my way up and down the rope, evenly rolling it back and forth.

When the rope is about a millimeter thick, carefully pick it up and hang it vertically (I stick it to the end of my bookcase). The key is to allow the rope to hang without touching anything.
Allow the putty to cure for 24 hours.

On a cutting surface, use the hobby knife to slice off individual coins from the rope. You will get a better shaped coin if you slice it with the angle of the blade perpendicular to the rope. If you have the blade itself perpendicular, you will get skewed coins.

Note: This part of the procedure can take a very long time. It took me about 2 hours to slice off enough coins to cover the base of the Cloak Fiend. Also, you will note if you look closely at the Cloak Fiend that some of the coins are a quite a bit thicker than the others. It took me many cuts to get my coins to be evenly thin. For a competition piece, I would definitely want to use very thin coins that were cut very uniformly. For the Cloak Fiend, I didn't care that much and didn't want to spend that much extra time on it.

Glue the coins to the base of your miniature in the same way you glue talus to a base. I use thinned PVC glue.
Prime the coins and paint them as you like.

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