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RVE 2021 Expo Box


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Currently out of stock (US)

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The most popular item for our Reaper Virtual Expo experience! A value of approximately $60, yours for $41.99!

The Reaper Virtual Expo Box includes:
1 RVE Paint Rinse Cup
1 Reaper U NoteBook
1 RVE Pen
1 RVE Commemorative Badge and Lanyard
4 Faction Stickers (Cyberists, Arkos, Mercury Fliers, and Roogtarki)
1 Grimm Mini (metal)
1 Sansavar Chung (Bones USA)
1 Genesis, Viceroy Assassin (Bones USA)
1 Chit Jubal, Arkos Chopper (Bones USA)
1 Roogtarki Ore Hound (Bones USA)
1 Plasma Paint Colors Traid

Retailers: maximum of 5 per customer.