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All figures come unpainted.

March 2021 BMAP

Sculpted by Variuous


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The Bones 4 Monthly Assortment for March 2021 contains TWO each of the following products:
77718 Small World Galladon by Gene Van Horne $2.99
77719 Small World Lysette by Gene Van Horne $2.99
77721 Profane Altar and Books by Bob Ridolfi $3.99
77722 Sealed Sarcophagus by Bob Ridolfi $4.99
77731 Gargoyle Pillar Tops (10) by Bob Ridolfi $2.99
77732 Brazier Pillar Tops (10) by Bob Ridolfi $2.99
77752 Female Minotaur by Jason Wiebe $3.99
77976 Lost Souls (5) by Julie Guthrie $12.99

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