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Skeletal Dragon Hard Case Bundle


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This is a unique warehouse find featuring the amazing Azanthryxis the Skeletal Dragon Bones miniature, 6 MSP Core Colors Paints, and one Reaper Hard Case all bundled together at an amazing price!

The Bones Azanthryxis Skeletal Dragon measures approximately 9" long and 7" high and was sculpted by Julie Guthrie.

The six paints included are: 09058 Bone Shadow, 09059 Aged Bone, 09060 Polished Bone, 09061 Linen White, 09086 Stone Grey, and 09087 Weathered Stone

The Reaper Hard Case is approximately 15" x 12" x 4.5" and contains 3 layers of eggcrate foam, perfect for holding paints and miniatures!

This is a VERY limited item and will go quickly!

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