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All figures come unpainted.

ReaperCon 2021 SwagBox


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A ReaperCon favorite! A value of over $75, yours for $59.99!

The ReaperCon 2021 SwagBox includes:
• MSP Fast Palette: Darkreach Colors - 6 new colors!
• One Randomly Selected Crew Paint Rinse Cup
• $20 Online Gift Certificate
• Shipwreck Sophie Miniature
• ReaperCon Mousling Miniature
• Dragonfolk Pirate Captain Blackscale Miniature
• Dungeon Dwellers: Sorceress Miniature
• MSP Core Colors: Brinewind Brass
• MSP Core Colors: Rusted Anchor
• MSP Core Colors: Black Pearl
• Reaper U Notebook
• ReaperCon 2021 Pen

Retailers: maximum of 5 per customer.