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Lorena of the Whip, Overlords Sergeant
Human Bard

Sculpted by James van Schaik


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The Marquise D'Arengo's Daughters of the Whip are known throughout Craclaw as some of the most sadistic women to ever pass through the city's gates. Lorena is one of the few who have proven that she can lead with the same fervor with which she follows. Her fearlessness in battle is as much an inspiration to her charges as is the sting of her trademark three-tongued whip. With whip in one hand and a cruel serrated sword in the other, Lorena loves nothing better than to wade into the fray, letting the blood of her enemies wash over her as she kills with wanton pleasure. Like all Daughters of the Whip she is totally devoted to the Marquise D'Arengo, but her love of killing has lead her to sell her services to other Overlords from time to time. In the end though, her loyalty to the Marquise is unshakable, and should it ever come to a new civil war, she will gladly take her place at the head of the Marquise's Daughters, and bathe the streets of Craclaw in blood.
Merack, Onyx Phalanx Sergeant
Merack is a grizzled old veteran who takes pride in the precision with which his troops perform. At a time when most old Sergeants are sitting in the inn, drinking an ale and regaling the youngsters of days gone by, Merack has been seduced by General Matisse's vision and flattery. When he began his quest for martial knowledge, the General sought out these veteran warriors, the Sergeants who lead men in the trenches, from nations all across the north. Learning from their wisdom of tactics and their ability to shape fighting men, the General has become acknowledged as one of the great tactical minds on Taltos. To show his respect for these veterans, he gave them charge of his most elite troops, the Onyx Phalanx. Though advanced in years, Merack still possesses the combat skills to make him a serious force in battle. His ability to coordinate the men under his command is his strongest suit, and this is what makes the Onyx Phalanx so deadly. General Matisse strongly prizes Merack's knowledge of battlefield tactics, and many are the times when his tactical intuition has turned the tide of Battle for the Onyx Legion.