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Reborn, Nefsokar Hero

Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi


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For all their suffering the Chosen are the lucky ones. The Reborn are truly abominations, having spent so much time without a place for their souls to rest. They have truly gone mad, and only the respite offered by the form of a war golem has given them any peace.

For the Reborn there is only service and battle. They follow the orders of those blessed by Sokar for their service in the Mesha Sokar, and no other. They can be fooled, however, as their cognitive powers are nearly non-existent. Powerful wizards and clerics can fashion charms to deceive the Reborn into taking orders from anyone bearing the charm. Such affronts are not to be suffered, and the Khamsin take great pleasure in punishing those who would presume to usurp Sokar's will for their own selfish purposes.

The Reborn come in many different shapes and sizes depending on the crafter of the war golem their spirits ride. Regardless, they excel in battle and follow their orders to perfection. However, large hosts of the Reborn are never found, as they lack personal initiative and reasoning capability.