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Orc of the Ragged Wound Warriors (2)

Sculpted by Bobby Jackson


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For generations, Wortham Keep has guarded the frontier of Hillsedge Province against the dangers of the Westbarrow Hills. The Ragged Wound orc tribe has always been one of those dangers, raiding farms and pillaging small frontier settlements. A fortnight ago, the Ragged Would orcs besieged Wortham Keep itself. The attack was larger and more organized than the raiding parties that Vestonian defenders have seen in the past. In the assault on Wortham Keep, the orcs led a small mixed army of goblins, gnolls, bugbears, ogres, and even a large troll.
The attacking humanoids surprised and overwhelmed the soldiers of Wortham Keep. It was only by sheer luck that Lady Amelia Wortham, the daughter of Baron Thurgon Wortham, and a handful of survivors were able to escape to the nearby city of Barrowgate. Unfortunately, Amelia’s escape was paid for by her father’s life as he held off the humanoids while she fled to safety.
Now, Wortham Keep is completely under the control of the Ragged Wound orcs. The restless barons of Crenshaw Tower, Redrock, and Sarlan Deep have debated themselves into inaction. They each refuse to aid in the recovery of Wortham Keep for fear that their own fortresses could be overtaken. While the people of Hillsedge await action by the ruling nobles, Lady Amelia Wortham has decided to take matters into her own hands.