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Townsfolk: Captives (3)
Human Captives

Sculpted by Bobby Jackson


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This item includes three miniatures suitable as NPCs that may have been taken captive by enemies or monsters in a dungeon. One example is given below:
In the latest attack, a young nobleman, Stredon Cardagg, was intercepted
while en route to meet his betrothed in the upriver city of Barrowgate. A message was left behind following the attack, crudely scrawled into a wooden plank. The
message demanded a ransom in arms, armor, and other goods for the return of young Stredon. To demonstrate the seriousness of their demands, the goblins bit off Master Stredon’s thumb and nailed it to the plank. The Cardagg family has offered a generous reward of 500 gp for the youth’s safe return.