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Ma'al Drakar - Deluxe Boxed Set with Paints

Sculpted by Julie Guthrie


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This summer we are offering a DELUXE EDITION of our best-selling “Ma’al Drakar, the Dragon Tyrant” boxed set. For a limited time, this Deluxe Edition will include 12 Reaper Master Series Bones Ultra-Coverage Paints for FREE, a value of over $40!

The paints included are: 09401 Dragon Red, 09402 Heraldic Red, 09406 Sunrise Orange, 09410 Dragon Green, 09413 Naga Green, 09417 Void Blue, 09418 Oceanic Blue, 09421 Frost Blue, 09423 Styx Purple, 09424 Runic Purple, 09425 Icy Violet, and 09430 Polished Leather

These colors were chosen by Reaper Studio Painter Michael Proctor and give customers the opportunity to begin painting immediately! The MSRP value on these FREE paints is over $40!

Each of these DELUXE EDITION Ma’al Drakar boxes will be marked with special promotional decals for clear and easy differentiation between this Deluxe Edition and the regular edition.