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All figures come unpainted.

King Cobra
Bones Black Deluxe Boxed Set

Sculpted by Chris Lewis


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"Upon the dais loomed a colossal serpent idol, its cold eyes aflame with the wrath of forgotten gods. I felt the weight of dread and awe descend upon me, for in that stone visage I saw the echoes of a world where chaos and venom reigned supreme." - Cal Arras, Barbarian Hero

Unleash the serpentine power of the King Cobra! This awe-inspiring masterpiece embodies the untamed fury and mystique of the ancient serpent gods. With its intricately sculpted scales, venomous gaze, and coiled might, this imposing statue strikes fear into the hearts of all who behold it. Whether you're a collector, a fantasy enthusiast, or seeking a formidable adversary for your tabletop battles, let this extraordinary idol slither into your realm and reign supreme!

Perfect for: Roleplaying-Gaming-Painting-Collecting
Recommended age: 14+
Model provided unpainted and unassembled; some assembly required. Paint and glue not included. Cyanoacrylate glue (super glue) is recommended.
Contains small parts; not intended for children.