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Reaper VEX Airbrush - Shallow Cup


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This Reaper VEX airbrush is available as a ReaperCon pre-release item from September 3 through September 7, 2020. If you miss this window, it will be available again starting September 28th, 2020.

This Reaper VEX Airbrush set includes: Includes: 1 Reaper VEX Airbrush, 1 Micro-Detail Needle, 1 General Detail Needle, 1 Protective Nozzle Cover, 1 Faux Leather Carrying Pouch

If you've been looking for an easy to use, workhorse brush for detailed spraying, you've found it! The Reaper VEX airbrush is the first airbrush from Reaper Miniatures. The Reaper VEX was designed by award winning figure painters and developed by Badger Airbrush. The high roll trigger is super responsive and gives you ultimate control of your paint flow for detailed spraying.

The Reaper VEX provides a figure painter a professional grade airbrush capable of producing the ultimate in fine surface finish and detail. It is more precise, more comfortable, and more reliable than any other airbrush. When fine detail or the finest paint atomization for a "soft" spray pattern is required, Reaper VEX is the best choice. Finely pigmented properly reduced paints, water colors, inks, dyes, and low viscosity acrylics can be sprayed with the Reaper VEX. The elongated body maintains an efficient distance between trigger and paint reservoir.

The Dual Needle/Single Nozzle combination provides a fine to medium wide spray pattern. The atomization combined with the angle of the tip parts gives it a very fine, controlled spray.

More VEX part info:

This product must be used with an air compressor (not included); miniatures and paint not included

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