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Khamsin Archer, Nefsokar Adept
Human Ranger

Sculpted by Gene Van Horne, Sandra Garrity


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The pride of the tribes, mounted archers combine horsemanship and marksmanship into an incredibly deadly combination. A mounted archer trains with his mount constantly, and the pair become effectively one entity on the battlefield. Intelligence is the essential trait in an archer's mount, as it must be able to anticipate and react to the rider's needs.

Firing a bow and striking a target at range is difficult enough without the motion of a mount to complicate the process. All Khamsin are taught the use of a shortbow from a very early age. Those that demonstrate an unusual proficiency with the weapon and an adequate grasp of horsemanship are given special training.

The few that take to the art with sufficient skill are elevated to near celebrity status. The typical mounted archer can easily bull's-eye targets at great range from horseback under full gallop. The best of the mounted archers can fire off entire volleys in seconds, each striking different targets.

The combination of speed and range gives the mounted archer a tremendous advantage on the battlefield. Walking troops have virtually no chance of catching them, and foot-based archers cannot outdistance a unit that can cover great distance, loose a volley, and retreat.

Mercenary companies pay only the best gold to Khamsin mounted archers, and it is not unusual for the members of such a unit to receive an excessive amount of pampering and attention. For all the benefits though, mounted archers and their steeds must continuously practice their art. Such finely honed skills need constant use lest their edge quickly dull.