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New Releases Coming October 5th!

September 23rd, 2020
Arriving just in time for a Spooktacular October! 
These items will be available starting Monday, October 5th!

Bones Classic Plastic Miniatures
77715 Small World Arnise $2.99
77717 Small World Sophie $2.99
77720 Ghouls (2) and Ghast $5.99
77723 Harrowgate Shrines $5.99
77725 Mummy Sandkings (2) $5.99
77727 Vampire Bloodlords (2) $5.99
77729 Graveflesh Servants (2) $5.99
77733 Graveyard Finial: Skulls (10) $4.99
77734 Graveyard Finial: Orbs (10) $4.99
77735 Graveyard Finial: Mystic (10) $4.99
77736 Ankoa, Barbarian Hero $2.99
77737 Townsfolk III (3) $5.99
97432 B4MAP October 2020 $70.10

Bones Black Plastic Miniatures Boxed Sets
44131 Tree of Despair by Bobby Jackson $24.99

Dungeon Dwellers Metal Miniatures
07030 Erebus Nalas, Evil Sorcerer $8.99
07031 Giant Rats (2) $7.99

Dark Heaven Legends Metal Miniatures
04015 Sir Rathos, Barrow Warden $8.99
04029 Nosferatu Vampire $8.99
04030 Witch Coven (3) $21.99
04031 Headless Footman $11.99
04032 Scarecrow $8.99

Online Airbrush Classes with Aaron Lovejoy of Miniature Monthly!

September 18th, 2020

Have you ever wanted to take an online painting class with one of the top painters in the world? Well, now you can! Our good friends at Miniature Monthly are offering a series of Airbrush Painting classes with MSP Medalist and award-winning painter Aaron Lovejoy! Go here to sign up for these fantastic classes, and make sure to follow Miniature Monthly on your social media outlets!

Psst! Don't forget to put in the code REAPERCON2020 for a 15% discount!*

And to help support Aaron's classes, we're offering Class Kits! These class kits are a convenient way for you to purchase everything you need to follow along with Aaron's classes. Or, if you already have some of the items in the kit, we've broken the items out separately for you to pick and choose your supplies. Note: class kits are completely optional and you do not have to purchase these items in order to take Aaron's classes.

And if you need an airbrush, don't miss the Reaper VEX airbrush, on sale soon here at!

*Discount not applicable for Class Kits

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