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Two New Holiday Minis - Krampus and Dreidel Golem!

December 11th, 2019

Two new holiday minis are now available! An all-new Krampus mini, and the Dreidel Golem, both by Jason Wiebe!

Get 'em now, they're only available from now through the end of December!

The 12 Days of Reaper Starts Monday, December 2nd!

December 1st, 2019
Starting Monday, December 2nd, the 12 Days of Reaper Begins!

But this year, we're doing things a little differently. 

When your online order totals $50 here at, you'll get to pick one of 12 different 12 Days minis at checkout. And for each $50 that you spend, you'll get to pick another mini, and so on up to 12 different minis. This promotion is capped at 12 minis per order per day. 

Also starting on December 2nd, when you hit $60, we'll throw in a Reaper Christmas sampler, containing an ornament, some paint, and some great Bones miniatures! The Reaper Christmas Sampler is limited to one (1) per order per day.

And to cap it off, we're still offering our great Bones Black promo models! For each $40 you spend, you'll get to choose from  several great Bones Black models, including the new Ashanna the Genie by Bobby Jackson!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Reaper Miniatures!

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