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14058: Lorielle Silverrain
Sandra Garrity ($5.99)

Painted figures for inspiration only.
We sell them unpainted.

Having journeyed to Almirithil from Tirithilia, Lorielle shone brightly alongside her elven kin. Years of service as a Sergeant of the Vale yielded her little recompense, save the honing of her archery skills. Dissatisfied, She left the Vale in search of more fertile pastures where her keen eyes and steady hand would be greatly valued. Cocky, malcontent, and vicious, Lorielle takes pride in her bloody work, and dyes one fletch of each arrow bright crimson as her signature.

Released on 04-30-03

Found in: Warlord, Sisters Of The Blade

Tags: Female, Elf, Bow, Leather, Scale, Ranged, Adult, Hero, Ranger, Fighter, Breastplate
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