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14227: Herne Lancer, Crusaders Sergeant
Gene Van Horne ($14.99)

About Anne Foerster, member of the Paint Crew:

Anne Foerster has been painting since she was nine years old, when she happily dipped some plastic snakes into Testor's red and black enamels. The rest is history! Anne worked for several companies and privately as a freelance miniatures painter before landing at her current happy home at Reaper Miniatures in 2003. She has won a few painting awards, at the national and regional levels, at Gen Con and other venues, both in-person and online. Anne is Reaper's on-site Staff Painter and the designer of the Reaper Master Series paint line. Her teaching credits include classes at Genghis Con in Denver, Origins in Columbus, Gen Con in Indianapolis, and at home down here in Denton, Texas. read more

About Gene Van Horne, sculptor on the Green Team:

Gene has been working with Reaper since about 2003, and since then he has proven to be one of the top sculptors in the industry. Gene's character miniatures are some of the most popular in Reaper's range with exceptional faces, dynamic clothwork, and amazingly realistic hair. read more

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A Sergeant under Lady Devona in the Light Lancers, Herne fled from ignoble beginnings in the depths of the Breonnese forests. Born to Jeselle, a woman who had been captured by bandits, Herne watched helplessly for years as his mother took kicks, jeers, and worse to protect him. She could not hold out forever, and slid into death's embrace at last when he was sixteen. The thirst for vengeance consumed Herne, and the night he escaped from the encampment he swore he would return. And so he did, years later, at the head of a column of Ivy Crown Knights.

The Sergeant is a man of cold passion, and his hatred for bandits, raiders and bullies knows no bounds. Luckily, there are more of those than can be counted in Taltos. Herne is often sent far from Denelspire by Devona or Jehanne, for he excels at field work and hates idleness. If such work also enables him to mercilessly hunt the jackals who prey on the Taltain, then surely that is all to the better, and his reputation now is such that the sight of his stag-emblazoned shield sends his adversaries fleeing before him in terror.

Released on 10-20-05

Found in: Warlord, Crusaders

Tags: Male, Human, Polearm, Plate, Shield, Melee, Adult, Crusaders, Sergeant, Paladin, Fighter, Lance, Mounted, Horse, Cavalry

The Boneyard
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P14227A: Herne $2.27
P14227B: Horse $14.80
P14227C: Lance $1.32
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