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Paint Crew Gallery > Painted > Thorvald, Dwarf Bear Rider
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14136: Thorvald, Dwarf Bear Rider
Werner Klocke, Geoff Valley ($16.99)

About Derek Schubert, member of the Paint Crew:

Derek had already been painting for ten years when he introduced himself to Ed Pugh at Gen Con '97 and was assigned "The Druid's Stone" as his freelance audition. A few years ago, he metamorphosed into a "scainter" (sculptor/painter) and added design and sculpting to his list of services for Reaper. He has won awards for painting, including speed-painting, at ReaperCon, Gen Con (Milwaukee and Indy), KublaCon, GenghisCon, and various SF-Bay-Area conventions. His painted figures are often subtle but notable for their expressive faces, freehand, and simulations of light and material. read more

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Griffons soar in the sky and bears roam the mountains below. Thorvald grew up amongst the legendary Bear Riders, a sect of warrior mountaineers that are deeply in tune with the natural world outside their dwarven halls. Thorvald's dearest friend is Fishripper, a Great Bear whom he rides into battle. Few are willing to brave both dwarven great axe and bear claw. Thorvald relishes the fear he and Fishripper inspire in their foes.

Released on 11-25-04

Found in: Warlord, Dwarves

Tags: Male, Dwarf, Axe, Leather, Melee, Adult, Dwarves, Solitaire, Fighter, Ranger, Mounted, Bear, Cavalry, Animal, Beard
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