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03524: Masaki, Ronin
Jeff Grace ($6.49)

About Michael Proctor, member of the Paint Crew:

Michael says, "Hello, my name is Michael Proctor and I have been painting for competitions for about 4 years. I still consider myself a newbie compared to the awesome talent that appears on this Gallery; however, I am trying to catch up. I started painting a minis for Reaper a couple of years ago and while my most recent piece in the Gallery is probably my favorite at that moment, Marise Greyshroud (DHL 03308) will always hold a special place as it was not only the first piece I did for Reaper and it was also my very first commission piece." read more

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Painted figures for inspiration only.
We sell them unpainted.

Released on 10-18-10

Found in: Dark Heaven Legends

Tags: Male, Human, Sword, Cloth, Clothing, Robe, Melee, Adult, Fighter, Samurai, Katana, Kimono, Chonmage, Asian, Japanese, Oriental
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