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14209: Mossbeard, Elven Monster
Werner Klocke ($24.99)

About John Bonnot, member of the Paint Crew:

John Bonnot, aka All-Terrain Monkey, has been painting minis since April of 2004 when, after moving to Texas, his friend Anne asked him if he would help her paint a couple of minis for a brand-new convention named ReaperCon. After she taught him everything she knew (strangely leaving him still not knowing anything) he squeezed the heads of any painter around him in a desperate attempt to obtain the knowledge of How Not To Suck. John used to paint directly for Reaper, putting out a lot of painted models for Warlord and Dark Heaven, but currently freelances for Reaper and teaches a weekend or two a month at the Asylum Paint Club. read more

About Werner Klocke, sculptor on the Green Team:

International fan-favorite Werner Klocke first began sculpting figures for Reaper in the late 90's. Since that time, Werner has sculpted scores of incredible figures, and his female figures have become the standard for the fantasy miniatures industry. Werner also has his own line of miniatures called Freebooter Miniatures. read more

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From the northern forests of Tembrithil, many druids, rangers, and warriors have journeyed to join Almirithil's desperate battle in Taltos. With them, the ancient elven woodlands themselves have sent their own warrior. Powerful, mysterious, and aeons-old, this forest spirit has taken the form of mammoth treeman, Mossbeard. This magical giant strides tirelessly across the battlefield, rendering his foes to pulp with his massive oaken fists. When faced with a throng of adversaries, the venerable treeman has been known to call the very battlefield itself to his aid, bending earth, root and bough to his will.

Released on 09-15-05

Found in: Warlord, Elves

Tags: Monster, Hands, Naked, Melee, Elves, Ent, Tree, Treant, Plant, Tree Man
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