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Paint Crew Gallery > Painted > Maria Roseblade, Pirate Queen (54mm)
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30007: Maria Roseblade, Pirate Queen (54mm)
Jeff Grace ($39.99)

About Anne Foerster, member of the Paint Crew:

Anne Foerster has been painting since she was nine years old, when she happily dipped some plastic snakes into Testor's red and black enamels. The rest is history! Anne worked for several companies and privately as a freelance miniatures painter before landing at her current happy home at Reaper Miniatures in 2003. She has won a few painting awards, at the national and regional levels, at Gen Con and other venues, both in-person and online. Anne is Reaper's on-site Staff Painter and the designer of the Reaper Master Series paint line. Her teaching credits include classes at Genghis Con in Denver, Origins in Columbus, Gen Con in Indianapolis, and at home down here in Denton, Texas. read more

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Painted figures for inspiration only.
We sell them unpainted.

Maria Roseblade is a 54mm scale miniature cast in white metal. Some assembly required.

Released on 09-10-07

Found in: Master Series Miniatures

Tags: Beach, Female, Human, Sword, 54mm, Starfish, Parrot, Monkey, Treasure, Pillow, Chest, Sexy, Buccaneer, Cutlass, Sabre, Shell, Trunk, Sand, Pirate

The Boneyard
parts included with this package can be purchased separately
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  P30007A: Torso $3.10
P30007B: Base $32.01
P30007C: Sprue $2.45
P30007D: Monkey $2.64
P30007E: Parrot $2.12
P30007F: Treasure Chest Lid $1.79
P30007G: Chest $5.87
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