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03353: Pirate King and Queen
Bobby Jackson ($12.49)

About Jen Kaufman, member of the Paint Crew:

Jen Kaufman, also known as Midnight Lurker, first picked up a paint brush in the fall of 2002 while trying to create a party of colorful characters for a D&D game. She started painting dozens of NPC minis and soon her friends were asking for her to paint their figures too. With the help of the friendly people on the Reaper message boards and the encouragement of her family she has grown her skills and was eventually asked to paint for Reaper as a freelance artist. read more

About Bobby Jackson, sculptor on the Green Team:

Always a fan favorite, Bobby has been sculpting for Reaper since the late 90's. Today, Bobby's figures are synonymous with quality and excellence. Bobby's work is notable for its incredibly clean finish, crisp details, and amazing clothwork. read more

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Painted figures for inspiration only.
We sell them unpainted.

Released on 11-03-08

Found in: Dark Heaven Legends

Tags: Female, Male, Human, Sword, Clothing, Hat, Melee, Adult, Kevin, Flag, Skull, Cutlass, Buccaneer, Throne, Sitting, Bald, Beard, Treasure Chest, Tricorne Hat, Cocked Hat
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