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01513: ReaperCon 2010 Biker Sophie
Gene Van Horne ()

About Laszlo Jakusovszky, member of the Paint Crew:
Laszlo Jakusovszky started painting in the early 1980s. Those pathetic early efforts led to bigger and better things. By the mid-90's he was a regular winner at local cons in California and very active in the fledgling online painting community. At Origins 95 he saw Reaper Miniatures for the first time and got hooked. Laszlo's since gone on to win numerous awards, including Golden Demons, GenCon wins and more recently Reaper Best of Show at Reapercon '09. He is known for his fire and lighting effects (his Lava Dragon is a fan favorite) and admits to a soft spot for a well-sculpted female mini. Laszlo also poured his knowledge into Hot Lead: how to paint a better miniature, a well-received DVD set for painters of all levels. Laszlo's work can be found at Hot Lead.org. read more

About Gene Van Horne, sculptor on the Green Team:

Gene has been working with Reaper since about 2003, and since then he has proven to be one of the top sculptors in the industry. Gene's character miniatures are some of the most popular in Reaper's range with exceptional faces, dynamic clothwork, and amazingly realistic hair. read more

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Released on 05-19-10

Found in: Special Edition Figures, ReaperCon

Tags: Female, Demon, Devil, Leather, Reapercon, Reaper Con, Sophie, Succubus, Goggles, Biker, Wings, Winged
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