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02632: Jahenna, Vampire
Dennis Mize ($5.99)

About Jennifer Haley, member of the Paint Crew:

Jennifer says, "I've been painting miniatures for well over a decade. When I first slapped some Goblin Green on Warhammer plastic orcs, I never imagined I'd be able to turn out anything like the minis in the army book, but I enjoyed the painting and kept at it. Soon the Web introduced me to other painters, styles I'd never seen, techniques I'd never heard of, a thousand things I wanted to try. Figmentia took over. Eventually I would win two Slayer Swords, twice be named Privateer Grand Master, and see my work in ads and publications across the industry. I now spend most of my time painting for companies, collectors, and the occasional competition. It's frustrating and mentally exhausting work at times, but it's rewarding, too. It makes me happy every time someone says, 'I hadn't picked up a brush in years, but I saw some pieces you did, and it made me want to paint again.'" read more

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Painted figures for inspiration only.
We sell them unpainted.

Released on 10-01-02

Found in: Dark Heaven Legends

Tags: Female, Monster, Undead, Vampire, Cloth, Caster, Tombstone, Sheer
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