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14003: Ashkrypt, Overlords Warlord
Werner Klocke ($6.99)
About Werner Klocke, sculptor on the Green Team:

International fan-favorite Werner Klocke first began sculpting figures for Reaper in the late 90's. Since that time, Werner has sculpted scores of incredible figures, and his female figures have become the standard for the fantasy miniatures industry. Werner also has his own line of miniatures called Freebooter Miniatures. read more

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Most men in Craclaw lust for power, but few would go to the lengths of crossing over into undeath. This is precisely what Ashkrypt did in his never-ending quest to dominate all of Taltos.
Ashkrypt first began to explore the dark arts of necromancy during excursions into the Empire of Malvernis with his father's slave train. As his knowledge of the dark arts expanded, his inner turmoil and cruelty grew.

As the years passed, Ashkrypt became more active in Craclaw's social circles and soon became enamored by the twisted web of politics. Using his intense force of personality he rose through the Aristocracy, gaining political power through shady deals, backroom bargains, and outright blackmail. His dark brooding nature caught the attention of more than one Countess whose affections he played to his own gains. This eventually caught up to him and became his downfall. The husband of one of his trysts became aware of the affair and petitioned to Overlord Dentaun for justice. Many of Dentaun's elite guards died in the attempt to capture the mage, but Ashkrypt was brought before the Overlord, battered but still defiant. Rather than kill the young mage, Dentaun decided to use his power for personal gains. He decreed that Ashkrypt would become his Bondslave until such time as Dentaun saw fit to release him.

The Overlord tormented the mage, made a mockery of the mage's former power, and treated him as if he were but a lap dog whenever they ventured into public. Many were the times when Ashkrypt, in a fit of rage, unleashed his power against his master. Dentaun, however, had prepared himself with powerful magical protections. No magic could affect Dentaun, and Ashkrypt realized that to secure his freedom he would need something beyond mere sorcery.

Ashkrypt began his research again with a new goal: freedom. Finally he realized that the only option left to him was to seek undeath itself. By achieving lichdom, he would have immortality and power unbound by normal human limitations. Ashkrypt sent many envoys to the Necropolis Thule to seek aid from the necromancers there, but the price which the lords of the Thule demanded were far more than Ashkrypt could bear. He would not trade one master for another. Changing directions, he started sending his men south to the deserts of the Nefsokar. In the tombs of the long dead kings, his men found many answers and a new insight into the world of the undying. Here, he found the answers he sought and prepared for his transition.

While Dentaun was away on an extended campaign, Ashkrypt began his transition. The destructive fury the mage unleashed during his change cast the whole city into terror and is still legend. Finally Ashkrypt emerged from his tower and took Dentaun's spot in the grand hall, awaiting the Overlord's return. Upon his arrival, Dentaun was shocked when he found himself face to face with the lich, staring into the vacant eyes and rotting face of his Bondslave. Ashkrypt grinned and took Dentaun by the throat. He began to mutter an ancient incantation, snaring Dentaun's life-force and destroying his flesh. Dentaun's essence remained, trapped by Ashkrypt's magic to be bound as a spectral servant to the lich for all eternity.

Today Ashkrypt has more power than any other single Overlord, and he barters his magic in trade for soldiers and slaves. Ashkrypt looks with thinly veiled contempt on the Malvernian presence in Craclaw, knowing from experience that the Malvernians do nothing except for their own gain.

Though Ashkrypt has all the powers that lichdom bestows, his transition is imperfect. For violating his sacred tombs, the god Sokar laid upon Ashkrypt a curse. Clothing the lich wears instantly begins to decay, rings and jewelry tarnish, wine in his proximity turns to vinegar, and food rots away. While most liches would find this but a petty annoyance, for someone who loves politics and social interactions, this curse strikes at his very core and only serves to heighten his turmoil and rage. Unlike most liches, Ashkrypt does not secret himself away or surround himself with hordes of undead creatures, for the love of politics still thrives in the lich lord.

Rushing in his transition to be free of Dentaun, there is still much knowledge which Ashrypt was unable to gain. His minions desperately seek the continent for the incantations that will give Ashkrypt access to the one thing he does not possess: the ability to create Bindsouls. The mages of the Necropolis have rebuffed all offers he has sent for this knowledge, and this has fueled in Ashkrypt a nearly insane obsession to destroy the Necropolis Thule. Once he has the power of the Thule, it will only be a matter of time before he sets his sights back onto Craclaw and the rest of Taltos. Until then, he is relegated to life as a souleater, a practice he finds beneath his dignity.

Many think that just as he rushed into lichdom, so will he press his assault on the Necropolis before he has sufficient power. The other Overlords anxiously await that day, for they know it may be the only way they can be rid of the Lich Lord.

Released on 05-31-02

Found in: Warlord, Overlords

Tags: Male, Undead, Sword, Cloth, Melee, Lich, Liche, Overlords, Warlord, Scythe, Horn, Helm

The Boneyard
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