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60028: Pathfinder Red Dragon
Julie Guthrie ($39.99)
About Julie Guthrie, sculptor on the Green Team:

If you've never heard of Julie Guthrie, then you must live under a rock. Julie is a legend in the miniatures industry and a member of the Origins Hall of Fame. Her incredible body of work is an invaluable reference for aspiring sculptors and artists. read more

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Painted figures for inspiration only.
We sell them unpainted.

About 4" tall from the tabletop and 6" wide from wingtip to wingtip.

Released on 05-17-10

Found in: Pathfinder

Tags: Winged, Severed Head, Legacy Fire, Legacy Of Fire, Rise Runelords, Rise Of The Runelords, Dragon, Melee, Monster, Paizo
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