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02658: Stone Lurker
Bob Olley ($9.99)

About Angela Imrie, member of the Paint Crew:
Angela started into the world of metal minis with a military figure painting pamphlet, Grenadier model, and a hefty dose of enthusiasm at the age of nine. Nearly three decades later Angela is still at it, still learning, improving and now occasionally teaching. She started competing in 2004 at various venues, has a few of the lovely Sophie trophies, over a dozen Demons, some GenCon placings, and others over the years. Angela usually ends up using her painted monsters and characters in games, so she was truly tickled pink to be included in Reaper's roster of showcase painters. read more

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Painted figures for inspiration only.
We sell them unpainted.

Released on 02-01-03

Found in: Dark Heaven Legends

Tags: Aberration, Monster, Whip, Melee, Tentacles, Aberration, Monster, Stalagmite, Column, Lurker, Whipper, Roper
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