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Package Deals

Package deals are created for retail stores to feature Reaper Miniature product lines.
Some package Deals include signage and other necessary items.

Please consult the Package Deal Spreadsheet for the complete listings and prices.
If you need a different format please contact us. We'll be glad to provide an alternative.

View the Package Deals FAQ to learn more!

Package Deals are being reworked with our newest and best selling product! Check back soon to see our new deals!

General Reaper Product Mix
00305 Reaper Starter Mix A popular mix of items from several product lines.
x 0
$1100.00 Package

Dark Heaven Legends Miniatures
00200 DHL Best Sellers Top selling DHL SKUs
x 0
$350.00 Package
00205 DHL Complete Line All DHL in production for 2018
x 0
$2,060.00 Package

Bones Polymer Figures
00771 Bones Complete Bones Complete Lines: DHL Bones, Chronoscope Bones, Pathfinder Bones, Savage Worlds bones
x 0
$2,160.00 Package
00773 Bones Best Sellers 2 each of our top 65 SKUs
x 0
$390.00 Package
00776 Bones Deluxe Best Sellers 1 each of our top selling 122 Bones SKUs
x 0
$390.00 Package

Chronoscope Miniatures
00552 Chronoscope Best Sellersk 31 diffrent SKUs
x 0
$250.00 Package

Warlord Miniatures
00140 Warlord Best Sellers Top 58 selling Warlord SKUs
x 0
$460.00 Package

Master Series Paints
00905 MS Paint complete line 216 different colors at 3 bottles each
x 1
$2,131.92 Package
00971 MSP Essentials 108 Core Colors, 54 HD colors, 54 Bones colors, 3 bottles ea.
x 1
$2,131.92 Package
00972 MSP Core Colors Countertop Rack Top 54 Core Color paints, 3 bottles each
x 1
$532.98 Package
00974 MSP High Density (HD) Countertop Rack All 54 HD paints, 3 bottles each
x 1
$532.98 Package
00976 MSP Bones Colors Countertop Rack All 54 Bones paints, 3 bottles each
x 1
$532.98 Package
00977 MSP Bones Colors Countertop Rack Plus All 54 Bones paints, 6 bottles each
x 1
$1065.96 Package
Racks Sold Individually
00016 Powder Coated Modular Miniatures Wall Rack These racks have a total of 16 pegs with each peg accommodating 5 to 8 blister packs depending on the depth of each blister
x 1
$25.00 Package
00017 tabletop Paint rack These racks have a 54 slots each holding up to 9 bottles of any of our Master Series Paint bottles.
x 1
$80.00 Package
00050 Out of Stock Cards backer cards for noting out of stock items. $5.00 Package

Reaper Miniature Package Deals FAQ

What is a Package Deal?

Our Package Deals make it easier to get started selling Reaper Miniature products. We offer several different packages. Many include display racks used to present product in your store, hence the name Package Deal.

See our Product Line Overview to help you navigate our wide range of adventure gaming products. This overview will help you understand the genres and uses each product line is tailored for.

What are the Rack dimensions?

Wall Rack Dimensions:

Width: 15 1/4 Inches
Height: 23 Inches

This bent wire rack is engineered to hold Reaper Miniatures blister card products.

  • Signage Display Pegs
    • Designed to work with a corrugated plastic sign
  • 16 pegs each 6 inches deep
    • Each peg holds 5 to 8 blisters
    • Displays 80 to 128 blisters total
  • Versatile Installation Options
    • Hang from existing Pegboard, Slot Displays or Wire Displays
    • Mount straight to wall

Master Series Paint Rack Dimensions:

Width: 28 1/2 Inches
Height: 5 Feet 10 7/8 Inches

This rack is engineered to hold Reaper Miniature Master Series Paint individual bottles.

  • 12 cantilevered shelves
  • Features 216 unique MSP colors
    • Stocks 3 bottles for each color
    • Holds 648 MSP bottles

How can I install my Wall Rack?

Reaper Miniatures Wire Wall Rack is a great wall to display our blister packs as it has several versatile options for installation in a retail setting.

  • Hanging Installation Options:
    • Pegboard
    • Slot Displays
    • Wire Displays
  • Mounting Installation Option:
    • Mount to Wall Studs

Download the Installation Instructions Here!

How do you create your Package Deals?

We carefully select the products in each of our Package Deals to make sure you end up with the right product for your store. Package Deals are sorted under two main categories, popularity and price.

Package Deals that indicate "Top Selling" in their title feature only the very best selling miniatures from that line. Every year we revise these lists to ensure they contain only the best of our already fantastic lines.

We also offer Package Deals arranged by MSRP. Instead of arranging by rank popularity, these lines carry only product at the MSRP point or lower. For example, a price-oriented Package Deal featuring the Dark Heaven Legends line allows you to get the most out of your dollars while building up to the full line of 500 SKUs.

(The value packages represent what is in the line as of April 2011. By the end of April 2012 the SKUs will be back up to 500 or so, at which time we will remove 100-120 from the active line again. There are now over 1500 DHL SKUs of which there are only ever 500 in the catalog and available through distribution).

Remember that if your product is not selling and you believe the line has gone "stale", you can make a dollar for dollar return for new product. You pay to return the product to us and we pay to send you new product. We want your inventory to stay "green"!
Return Policy Link

What about paint?

You can't sell unpainted miniatures without also selling the paint! Master Series Paints are sold unblistered (00905) or blistered in triads (00970). If your retail store does not already have a dedicated display for selling paint then we highly suggest you take a close look at our MSP Package Deals!

What is the best way to refill my empty racks?

If you are looking to refill your empty Reaper Miniature racks we have a few different tools available for you to get started!

We also like to call this collection of tools the Build Your Own Package Deal. Right now we have three different methods of searching our product lines that are able to add your search results right to your cart in the exact quantity you desire!

Best Sellers

Use the Best Sellers Search tool to find out what is currently selling and easily order as much as you want!

Bulk Order

Quickly and easily order SKU items in any quantity you choose, you can also upload CSV files and more!


This is the best way to make sure you have the newest miniatures available to your customers!