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Retail Support : Rack Deals : CAV: Strike Operations Battlefield Supply Pack

Reaper Miniature Package Deals

Our Package Deals are designed to quickly stock your store with product that has been proven to sell!

You have selected the CAV: Strike Operations Battlefield Supply Pack Package Deal and listed below are all of the included items. Please note that some Package Deals also include: wall racks, cards, and other accessories. The full list of items is in this Excel spreadsheet: Packages2016.xlsx.

If you need a different format please contact us. We will be glad to provide an alternative.

In the event the prices on this page do not match the prices in the spreadsheet, the spreadsheet prices take precedence. If this happens please let us know as soon as possible so that we may rectify the discrepancy.

Total MSRP for the CAV: Strike Operations Battlefield Supply Pack package: $735.12

24950, CAV: Strike Operations Core Rulebook (Hardback), MSRP $39.99 x6   72205, DICTATOR B CAV, MSRP $5.99 x4  
72209, TALON CAV, MSRP $5.99 x2   72210, THUNDERBIRD CAV, MSRP $6.99 x4  
72211, KAHN CAV, MSRP $4.99 x2   72212, EMPEROR CAV, MSRP $6.99 x4  
72213, RAPTOR CAV, MSRP $4.99 x2   72214, RONIN CAV, MSRP $6.99 x2  
72215, VOODOO CAV, MSRP $5.99 x2   72216, VANQUISHER B CAV, MSRP $5.99 x2  
72217, FALCON CAV, MSRP $5.99 x2   72218, SIMBA CAV (QUAD), MSRP $6.99 x4  
72219, CONQUEROR CAV, MSRP $5.99 x2   72220, REAPER CAV, MSRP $5.99 x4  
72221, KATANA CAV, MSRP $6.99 x2   72222, ARCHER CAV, MSRP $5.99 x2  
72223, GNOMIC CAV, MSRP $5.99 x2   72224, IMPERATOR CAV, MSRP $5.99 x4  
72225, REGENT CAV, MSRP $5.99 x2   72226, NIGHTSHADE CAV, MSRP $5.99 x2  
72227, TYRANT CAV, MSRP $5.99 x2   72228, STARHAWK VI CAV, MSRP $5.99 x4  
72229, RAIJIN CAV, MSRP $5.99 x4   72233, WARDEN TANK, MSRP $5.99 x2  
72234, DESPOT TANK, MSRP $5.99 x2   72235, DINGO TANK, MSRP $5.99 x2  
72236, NAGINATA TANK, MSRP $5.99 x2   72237, TSUKAI TANK, MSRP $5.99 x2  
72238, MALEFACTOR TANK, MSRP $5.99 x2   72239, WOLF TANK, MSRP $5.99 x2  
72240, ASHIGARU TANK, MSRP $5.99 x2   72241, RYOSHI TANK, MSRP $5.99 x2  
72242, TSUISEKI AIRCRAFT, MSRP $3.99 x2   72243, KRAKEN B AIRCRAFT, MSRP $3.99 x2