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Retail Support : Resource Library

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If any of these files or links do not work please email the webmaster.

Form Downloads

File Description
NICed2011.pdf A 200+ page pdf of everything that isn't available through normal distribution. About 65MB.
040809OrderForm.xls.zip Our current order form in Excel format. Zipped for faster downloading.
BarCodePartNumDesc_2013_06_05.csv Our product bar code data without checkdigit.
BarCodePartNumDescwCheckDigit_2013_06_05.csv Our product bar code data with checkdigit.

Art downloads

File Description
logo_reaper_black.zip Reaper Company Logo (black background)
logo_reaper_white.zip Reaper Company Logo (white background)
logo_reaper_black_noblue.zip Reaper Company Logo (black background no blue glow)
logo_reaper_white_noblue.zip Reaper Company Logo (white background no blue glow)
logo_reaper_blackandwhite.zip Reaper Company Logo (2 color black and white)
logo_reaper_threecolor.zip Reaper Company Logo (3 color red, white, black)
logo_cav_black.zip CAV Trademark Logo (black background)
logo_cav_white.zip CAV Trademark Logo (white background)
logo_propaint.zip Propaint Trademark Logo
logo_warlord_black.zip Warlord Trademark Logo (black background)
logo_warlord_white.zip Warlord Trademark Logo (white background)
webart_warlord.zip Warlord Army Logos and Names (white backgrounds)