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14246: Ah'Radivh, Nefsokar Captain ($12.99)
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Bobby Jackson

Ah'radivh is the youngest brother of Senet Net'merew. Horsemanship and martial prowess appears to be in their blood. Ah'radivh is young for a captain, but he has proven himself time and again as a warrior of impressive skill and a leader of men and ever-living alike.

Though he is counted among the Dust Devils he rarely finds himself riding alongside his sister. More often he commands cavalry detachments in the Mesha Sokar wherever his skills are needed. In fact, up until very recently he spent most of his time training other Khamsin in the ways of fighting alongside the ever-living.

As a young boy, Ah'radivh escaped the massacre of his tribe by hiding in a hastily dug hole in the sand. He was fortunate enough not to witness his mother's death on the trail. But the murder of his father, and his dying screams, haunt Ah'radivh to this day. He blames himself for his failure to protect his people, but he is realistic enough to admit that at age ten, there would have been little he could do except get himself killed as well.

Ah'radivh's favored mount is Abdal-Hadi, which literally translated means 'Servant of the Guide'. Abdal-Hadi is a solid black Khamsin charger, renowned for his impressive lineage and combat prowess. Though Ah'radivh will take any properly trained mount into battle, when he and Abdal-Hadi work in concert, they are like a sandstorm given flesh.

Released on 01-16-06

Found in: Warlord, Nefsokar

Tags: Male, Human, Sword, Helmet, Leather, Shield, Melee, Adult, Nefsokar, Captain, Fighter, Ranger, Mounted, Horse, Cavalry, Egyptian

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