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14245: Dust Devil, Nefsokar Monster ($8.49)
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Jason Wiebe

The ephemeral dust devils answer the call of Sokar's priests and magicians and do their bidding without question. They are spirits born of the wind and the desert and resemble nothing less than very large manifestations of the atmospheric phenomenon that bears their name.

Unlike real dust devils, these elementals pack a vicious bite, and can move upon the wind itself. Landing a counter-blow on a creature made seemingly of air can prove nigh impossible for even the most skilled warriors. However, like the air itself, they can be easily dispersed once ultimately defeated. Magic remains the preferred method of dispatch for these creatures.

Released on 01-31-06

Found in: Warlord, Nefsokar

Tags: Male, Monster, Spell, Sword, Naked, Melee, Elemental, Nefsokar, Hero, Fighter, Ranger, 4 Arms, Four Arms, Genie, Djinn, Arabian, Persian, Middle Eastern

The Boneyard
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P14245A: Body $6.97
P14245B: Arm Sprue (no Label) $1.82
P14245C: Arm Sprue (Labeled Reaper) $1.82
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