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14201: Gaaguk, Bull Orc,Reven Hero ($7.49)
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Ben Siens

A Bull Orc of significant prowess, Gaaguk wants nothing more than to earn a large plot of land and many wives. He has already chosen which Ehmen shall be his brides when he has conquered Taltos. When he is on the battlefield, he is as a force of nature, and many females have already tried to wed themselves to him, desirous of his power and skill. Still, Gaaguk has refused to take any wives, spurning all for the dozen women he will make his. It is rumored that he is preparing for his first wife to be Kiakara herself, although Gaaguk has never said this himself.

Released on 08-31-05

Found in: Warlord, Reven

Tags: Male, Orc, Sword, Plate, Melee, Breastplate, Ranger, Fighter, Hero, Reven, Adult, Dual Wield, Barbarian

The Boneyard
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