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06107: Templar Knights(9)Crusaders Grunt ($39.99)
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Bobby Jackson
The ranks of the Templar Knights have become sadly thinned in Taltos, and were it not for the Taltain recruits things would soon have become dire indeed. The warriors are not all gone, however, and those that remain are some of the toughest and canniest old campaigners to ever march to war. Trained themselves by some of the foremost weaponsmasters in the world back in their days as nobles, they now work tirelessly to pass that information along to the new trainees, who are often awed by their mentors' skill, courage and discipline. The warriors are now the elite, gone from common to in-demand, and many of them can expect promotion within the year as their squires rise to fill their places. At least, they can if they survive, for the enemies of Denelspire have not diminished in numbers, either.

Released on 04-01-07

Found in: Warlord, Crusaders, Warlord Army Packs

Tags: Male, Human, Sword, Chain, Helmet, Shield, Melee, Paladin, Fighter, Chainmail, Tabard, Crusader, Templar, Sir Forscale, For Scale

The Boneyard
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P06107A: Facing Forward $5.70
  P06107B: 14377 $5.39
P06107C: Facing Left $5.58
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