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14273: Grim Pete, Razig Sergeant ($4.99)
Kevin WIlliams

Nasty, brutal, villainous, bloodthirsty, mean hearted men like Pete don't come along very often... unless you're a pirate. Pete is one of those natural born leaders of men that inspire terror, fear and cold shivers down your spine. The crew is always on the lookout for toughs like Pete to take charge and Pete is more than happy to oblige - for a midshipman's cut of the treasure instead of just a seaman's share.

Released on 04-30-06

Found in: Warlord, Razig

Tags: Male, Human, Monster, Undead, Zombie, Dagger, Sword, Clothing, Melee, Punching Dagger, Rogue, Fighter, Razig, Skeleton, Pirate, Pulp, Leader, Officer
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