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14308: Chai-Uut, Reptus Captain ($7.99)
Chaz Elliott, Jason Wiebe

Chai-Uut has had many battles with the warmbloods. Like many of the leaders of the Outer Pool war parties, Chai-Uut was born in a Blood Clutch. Consecrated to the arts of war from even before his Hatching, Chai-Uut and those like him have only ever known the war-path. Even when he is meditating, he only finds calm and inner peace in the carnage of battle. He hopes for a glorious death with his jaws clasped firmly around the throat of a great warmblood champion.

Released on 09-03-06

Found in: Warlord, Reptus

Tags: Male, Dragonman, Reptus, Sword, Plate, Melee, Lizardman, Fighter, Warrior, Reptile, Armor, Dual Wield, Leader, Officer
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