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14237: Senet, Nefsokar Warlord ($14.49)
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Gene Van Horne

Grace, beauty, and vengeance. She has worn many names since her birth, but none suit her as well as her current title. Senet has risen to a position of preeminence to rank amongst the greatest leaders in the Mesha Sokar. Even the ever-living have been known to seek her counsel and prowess, a rare situation, as all Khamsin and ever-living know.

She has led raid after raid deep into Taltos, as far north as the Forgewater, in efforts to bring grave robbers to Sokar's justice. She has even led clandestine raids into Craclaw and Almirithil to reclaim stolen treasures and punish bandits. On foot, she is a whirlwind of steel. On horseback she is the desert wind itself, untouchable and ephemeral until her blade finds its mark.

Her band is known informally as the Dust Devils, taken from the very elementals summoned by the mightiest of Sokar's magicians. An all-cavalry force, the Dust Devils can move across great distances at speed and strike with all the fury of a sandstorm. Although their entire host is not Khamsin, only Sokar's true believers are welcomed within their ranks. And don't try to fool them. They know.

Senet Net'merew began life the daughter of a Khamsin herdsman. They lived in the traditional way, crossing the desert with caravans from deep within Jalahandra. It is said she was born in the saddle. That much is true enough as her mother gave birth to her on one such journey. By the age of five, she could ride and help her parents with their herds. It was clear that she had a gift. Horses, and most animals in general, responded to her as one of their own rather than a grudgingly accepted human. By fourteen, her beauty surpassed that of all other girls in their tribe, and then the trouble began.

In a raid by Jalahandran nomads, similar to Khamsin but of a different religion and of different customs, she was seized to present to the local emir as a concubine. After the nomads made camp the first night, she escaped, killing two. She met a counter-force led by her father halfway back to her tribe. She rode with the counter-raid against her former captives, slaying many with bow and arrow.

Once returned from the raid, her mother insisted that she find a suitable husband and marry. Senet refused despite threats, cajoling, and pleading from her mother. Her father took a more practical approach and began schooling her in swordsmanship and refining her use of the shortbow. Her skills grew and her horsemanship became legendary. Raids against her people became less commonplace as her reputation grew. At sixteen she received a request from the Sultan of Jalahandra himself to visit his shining city and demonstrate her prowess. The lure of fame led her and a small contingent to the capital city, where it is said their demonstration brought tears to the Sultan's eyes. She still refused all marriage proposals, though they were now genuine requests made directly to her.

They returned to the north to find their people slaughtered. Overlord raiders from Taltos had crossed into the Jalahandran frontier. Many were taken, but many more had been killed. Senet and her fellows began a hunt for the slavers. The trail stood stark against the desert, heading north back into Taltos. They rode as the leading edge of a blade storm. They caught up to the slavers in the second week and took them in the night, leaving none alive. Alas, too few of her tribe remained alive, and her mother had perished on the trip north.

Four years of blood and vengeance followed. The Dust Devils grew in number and rode the length and breadth of Taltos. Her crusade began as a defiant thrust against slavery and had grown into an insatiable thirst for vengeance against all wrongs the Khamsin had suffered at the hands of the Taltain and the grave robbers harbored within the border of that mean little land.

Even the ever-living took notice of this woman of awesome fury and staggering beauty. Khufu sought her out and brought her words of Sokar's pleasure with her exploits. Since then, she has become one of the most influential leaders in the Mesha Sokar, and yearly her Dust Devils continue to grow in strength and ferocity.

Released on 12-04-05

Found in: Warlord, Nefsokar

Tags: Female, Human, Sword, Leather, Melee, Caster, Adult, Nefsokar, Warlord, Fighter, Cleric, Mounted, Horse, Cavalry

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