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14014: Artemis, Mercenaries Sergeant ($4.99)
Werner Klocke

Artemis has never been one to get by on her personal charms and feminine wiles. Having spent her youth under the tall canopy of the Wilderthorn Forest and in the oily back streets of Port Gangrel, she has found little use for the niceties of pleasant conversation. Her ability to find and exploit her opponents' weaknesses, though, endear her to many a client. Her terse, aggressive manner is an unquestionable boon on the battlefield, and she leads one of the tightest companies of spearmen that money can buy.

Released on 06-30-02

Found in: Warlord, Mercenary

Tags: Female, Human, Bow, Polearm, Leather, Melee, Ranged, Adult, Mercenary, Sergeant, Fighter, Ranger, Barbarian, Spear, Officer, Leader
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