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06119: Vale Archers (8), Elven Adept ($39.99)
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Werner Klocke

The phrase "elven archer" brings to mind the wood elves of Tembrithil, the vast northern forest called "The Woodspike" by men. Almirithil, however, boasts not only some of the wood elves' finest, but battle-honed sharpshooters from the high elf lands in Tirithilia as well. Proud and driven, they feel that their mission in Taltos is a long-overdue chance to test their mettle and avenge their fallen kin. Their marksmanship is said to be without equal, and their yard-long arrows rain down in volleys with terrifying precision.

Released on 04-01-07

Found in: Warlord, Elves, Warlord Army Packs

Tags: Female, Male, Elf, Bow, Sword, Leather, Ranged, Ranger, Fighter, Scabbard, Armor, Tunic, Quiver, Archer, Elves

The Boneyard
parts included with this package can be purchased separately
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P06119A: Male Archer Looking Left $5.58
P06119B: Shooting Archer $5.64
P06119C: Female Archer Looking Right $5.64
P06119D: Bow Sprue $1.69
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