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06105: Templar Justicar(9)Crusaders Adept ($39.99)
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Tim Prow

Arguably the most Elite of Denelspire's hardened veterans, there are some who would argue that the Justicars embody the heart and soul of the Templars. Disciplined protectors, fearless combatants and merciless in the face of evil, the Justicars are often in the front lines of any offensive. Yet there is another side to the Order. They also take upon themselves the formidable task of administering the Denelspire settlement and the surrounding lands. Not only are they the best warriors, the Justicars undoubtedly possess many of the best minds in the Order. The fact that most of them, along with their leader Broderick, support Gerard's plan of action in Taltos is often used as an illustrative point in arguments that the Duke is on the right track; whether Templar leadership in Rascheau will listen

Released on 04-01-07

Found in: Warlord, Crusaders, Warlord Army Packs

Tags: Male, Human, Sword, Plate, Shield, Melee, Paladin, Fighter, Tabard, Armor, Crusader

The Boneyard
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P06105C: 14306 $5.34
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