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14049: Narg, Reven Captain ($9.99)
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Ben Siens

Nokhan of the Redclaw tribe, Narg was the first to pledge his axe to Varaug. His tribe spent many generations in the shadows of Dartha, the southernmost kingdom of the Malvernian Empire. Constant raids from the northern aggressors have weakened his tribe, so he has been unable to do anything but hold on to the hunting grounds he has inherited. Narg hopes to gain enough power and prestige from his role in the Reven to lead his own Reven some day. He will hone his axe on the bones of the Taltain, and once the survival of the Sula Ulus is ensured in Taltos, Khakhan Narg will march North. Until then, Narg follows Varaug faithfully, watching to learn which Nokhans and Boghuls to take with him.

Released on 02-28-03

Found in: Warlord, Reven

Tags: Male, Monster, Orc, Axe, Leather, Plate, Melee, Helm, Horn, Captain, Reven, Adult, Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger, Dual Wield

The Boneyard
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