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14272: Blackknife, Razig Sergeant ($5.99)
Jason Wiebe

In life, Black Knife Tom was a true pirate's pirate. Legend told that he'd kill you just for spite, steal your money just for laughs, and spit in your grog just so that he could whet his whistle for free. Now that he's dead, he's worse. Before, at least there was always the threat of getting killed looming over his head, but since he's already dead... well, unlife has been just one big party at the expense of the living.

Released on 04-30-06

Found in: Warlord, Razig

Tags: Male, Human, Monster, Undead, Zombie, Pistol, Sword, Clothing, Melee, Ranged, Fighter, Rogue, Razig, Skeleton, Pirate, Pulp, Leader, Officer
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