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09962: Master Series HD Paint Set 2 ($49.99)
129 in stock

This set includes 18 half-ounce (0.5 oz) bottles of Master Series HD Paint. These acrylic paints are non-toxic, water-soluble, and crafted with high-density pigments especially for improved coverage in miniature painting. These paints are airbrush-friendly and designed to coordinate and work well when combined with other Master Series Paint products. Contains one bottle each the following colors: 29819 Twilight Purple, 29820 Gem Purple, 29821 Sunburn Flesh, 29822 Suntan Flesh, 29823 Caucasian Flesh, 29824 Maiden Flesh, 29825 Tusk Ivory, 29826 Desert Tan, 29827 Griffon Tan, 29828 Woodland Brown, 29829 Golden Brown, 29830 Ruddy Brown, 29831 Ashen Brown, 29832 Concrete Grey, 29833 Ash Grey, 29834 Field Grey, 29835 Dirty Grey, 29836 Military Grey.

Released on 05-23-11

Found in: Paint Sets

Tags: High, Paint, Series, Master, Density, Set
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