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14254: Khathan, Nefsokar Solo ($4.99)
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Todd Harris

There are times when a single blade can do the work of thousands, when a single arrow can halt an army, and when an unexplained poisoning can end the rule of a tyrant. Such is the work of the Assassins, the most secretive cult of the Khamsin. Unlike the Dervish Cult who stride openly into battle, the Assassins strike unseen, often in secret. The cult has become so feared as brutally efficient killers that the very word, assassin, has come to represent professional killers in most cultures.

The Assassins worship Assassi, the Great Serpent. Assassi is a shadowy figure in Sokar's court, seen only when necessary and rarely acknowledged directly. He is also known as the Great Asp. It is said that Sokar Himself pays the Great Asp for his silent service, and thus even the warlords of the Mesha Sokar must hire out the services of the Assassins. However, missions for the Mesha Sokar do not undergo the scrutiny of missions requested by outsiders. The Assassins are creatures of honor, although they have their own unique take on the concept.

In recent years, since Sokar's return, one particular Assassin has made her way into a position of guarded respect. Khathan, known also as the Desert Shadow, is credited with more killings and executions in Sokar's name than most Assassins many years her senior.

Khathan excels at battlefield slayings and is at home in equal part in the midst of a skirmish or sneaking through darkened halls in search of her prey. Where most Assassins fear to tread, Khathan steps boldly forth. She is said to have slain the dreaded Emir of Nalas Mir in full view of his court and bodyguards and made her escape without so much as a scratch.

In addition, her list of credits includes the traitor Dervish Ibn-Ladeen, Gargant the half-giant of Port Gangrel, and the poisoning of the entire court of Overlord Maraxxus, also known as the Iron Lord.

Released on 02-19-06

Found in: Warlord, Nefsokar

Tags: Female, Human, Bow, Dagger, Sword, Cloth, Leather, Melee, Ranged, Adult, Nefsokar, Assassin, Ranger, Dual Wield, Scimitar

The Boneyard
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