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10021: Viridius ($129.99)
4 in stock
Jason Wiebe

Deep in the forest of the Woodspike, in the ruins of the sacred city of Quessallas, the unwitting protector of the antediluvian elven magic awakens after a deep slumber. The noxious green gas of his breath lingers in the air as he leaves the crumbling temple to east upon the sacrifice tithed by the orcs of Kargir. Oblivious to the screams emanating from the maiden sacrifice and the bloodthirsty cheers of the orcsViridius, the ancient evil, claims his right.

Viridius, the guardian dragon of the forest! This huge dragon must be seen to be believed! Conjured from the imagination of sculptor Jason Wiebe, this fantastic miniature stands approximately 8 ¾" tall and has an awesome wingspan of 14". Viridius comes in nine easy to assemble pieces.

Released on 11-29-04

Found in: Boxed Sets

Tags: Monster, Wings, Dragon
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