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10024: Pirates of the Dragonspine Sea II ($29.99)
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Released on 08-21-06

Found in: Boxed Sets

Tags: Harpoon, Half-orc, Aaaargh, Minion, Parrot, Halfling, Elf, Dwarf, Plunder, Yar, Sophie, Treasure, Pistol, Sword, Pirates, Female, Chest, Box Set, Turban, Mook, Male

The Boneyard
parts included with this package can be purchased separately
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03241: Aroudj Firebeard $4.99
03242: Rozmina $4.99
03251: Finaela, Half Elf Pirate $4.99
03252: Anatole, Male Pirate Harpooner $4.99
03261: Bergo Ironbelly, Halfling Pirate $4.99
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