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10009: T'Raukzul ($99.99)
19 in stock
Sandra Garrity

No one has seen the creature and returned to tell the tale, only crushed bones piled high in the crags near the vale. He who seeks treasure in that wasted land must surely be a fool, for the wyrm resides there still, the Shadow of Death, T'Raukzul.

Nothing says dragon like T'Raukzul! This spectacular dragon is sure to get the attention of everyone at the game table! Sculpted by the incomparable Sandra Garrity, this massive dragon stands approximately 8 ½" tall and has an impressive wingspan of 12". T'Raukzul comes in nine easy to assemble pieces.

Found in: Boxed Sets

Tags: Dragon

The Boneyard
parts included with this package can be purchased separately
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P10009A: T'Raukzul Head $1.78
P10009B: T'Raukzul Neck $3.72
P10009C: T'Raukzul Torso $24.35
P10009D: T'Raukzul Left Arm $2.92
P10009E: T'Raukzul Right Arm $2.21
P10009F: T'Raukzul Left Wing $13.28
P10009G: T'Raukzul Right Wing $12.88
P10009H: T'Raukzul Leg $52.56
P10009I: T'Raukzul Tail $11.27
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